How to protect and care for your natural hair during the colder months?

Beautiful and luscious hair is the crown on any woman's head. But also, it is the most vulnerable and prone to damage during the wintertime, which is when it needs extra support. A bit of rain, strong winds, and varying temperatures between the cold outside and warm inside can quite damage the hair. It will not only start looking dull and lifeless, but it might also start to break, weaken and fall. The proper hair care during the winter season comes with the accent of bringing back and maintaining the liveliness of the hair.


The most important part of the hair care routine in the winter is the regular moisture and hydration of the hair. No matter if you are treating your hair at the salon, wearing protective styles, or just styling it at home, the proper moisturizing and hydration will bring back the life of your natural hair. The best way to do so is to find the right products with the right ingredients that will revive the look of your hair.


Achieving well-balanced hydration and moisture is easy if with the Monoi Mango Moisturizer. This Leave-in conditioner is specially designed just for dry and lifeless hair, that needs a boost in hydration during the wintertime. The creamy formula is infused with Monoi, Mango, Shea Butters, and Babassu oils, and enriched with antioxidants, that penetrate the hair follicles and stimulate and support growth, strength, and luster. The mixture is both nourishing and hydrating for the natural hair and it is vegan too, making it a great choice and solution for all those who want to take proper care of their natural hair. It works great on all hair types. With just a few uses, you will instantly see a difference in the softness and liveliness of your hair.

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